Five Star Review By Ramona Plant

This is a captivating read and difficult to put this book down. Kachi has a very pleasant writing style and the story develops beautifully following a great pace, which is important to me. This is definitely a great start to a new series I will keep reading.

Sarah develops throughout the story to a very strong heroine. I struggled a little bit with her since she on one hand does anything to get her son back, regardless on how many will die, but also fights a greater organization with many flaws. So I am definitely looking forward to hear more about her.

There seems to have been a couple of times where the story didn’t make sense. One on hand her husband warns her that the GEA is on their tail, yet towards the end he seems to have no clue that she is the one behind this new group fighting the GEA.

I am definitely looking forward to read more about her story.

I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)


Four Star Review By Zippergirl

Kachi Ugo is a writer to watch–he has a head full of stories and he pours them out on the page as fast as the reader can follow. The Uprising is only the latest of his works, and it is a fresh, powerful fantasy featuring the kick-ass Sarah Justice who is all about getting her baby back in this volume. Her son has been ripped out of this time and place and into the future thru a portal. But she’s not alone in this mission, she has a band of Elementals who would follow her to Hell and back.

The science/magic of this world is astonishing in its fresh skills: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Elementals people this prelude to two series: one titled Levitators and a young adult series called Mewranters.

The action starts on page one–don’t miss it.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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