So I’ve been ghostwriting for some people recently, and it has been a great fun exploring people’s ideas and fantasies and bringing them to life on paper. Ghostwriting is something I find that I’m enjoying and so I thought I’d start doing that “officially.”

Therefore, I’d like to offer my services to you as a ghostwriter.pexels-photo.jpg

A lot of people are familiar with ghostwriting or ghostwriters, but for the benefit of those who aren’t: a ghostwriter is basically someone who writes a book for you and you get to be named as the author. So maybe you’ve always had this great idea for a novel or maybe you had an experience you want the whole world to know about or maybe writing a book is just one of the many things you’ve thought about and you’ve never really gotten around to doing it? Well, that’s where I come in. I help you write your book (bring your dream to reality) for a price. And when it is all done, your name gets to go in the front of the book as the author with or without giving credit to me depending on our agreement.

home-laptop-tablet-lifestyle-163176Naturally, every case is not the same and every book will be written differently and will require varying degrees of involvement from me–some projects will require me to conduct extensive research, (usually non-fiction), while others won’t. I’d love to discuss your project with you before giving you a quote.

Nevertheless, for fiction, standard rates range between $1-$3 per word (USD). However, I’m offering my ghostwriting service to you at a lot less.

For fiction, I charge an average of $0.2 per word (USD). For Non fiction, I would prefer to discuss your project with you before giving you a quote.

Hey, there’s something for everyone and every budget. Shoot me an email and let’s talk about your idea.

To get started, send me an email at: Put ‘Ghost Writing‘ in your subject header, and I’ll be with your shortly.


…you too can have your name written in the front of a book and your photograph in the back!

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