Small. Feeble. Aloehexans.

In a world where all the animals are dead, humans have had to evolve into two distinct species in order to balance the natural order and ensure survival: Hannibians—an extremely powerful, yet civilized race of cannibals who possess all the qualities of a savage beast while embodying that which is human; and Aloehexans—a peaceful and prosperous race of grass eaters who outnumber and outgun the Hannibians a thousand to one.

Having just turned seventeen, Samantha Krus, daughter of the Lord of the Hunt, and Luke Odenigwe, son of the Master of the Hunt in Renia, along with over one hundred other seventeen year olds, must embark on a once in a five year pilgrimage of blood to Aloehexa called the Great Hunt. But Sam, in a fit of compassionate rage, has broken the most sacred law known to Hannibus—Secila no Cranedia, meaning no meat goes to waste. And Luke, failing to report Sam, becomes an accomplice in this crime. If they are caught, their lives and bodies will be forfeit. However, when they discover a plot to wipe out Aloehexans in the capital city of Granadia with a chemical weapon, leaving three million bodies poisoned and inedible, they risk everything to stop it.

With the investigations leading in their direction and their success in the Great Hunt threatened, Sam and Luke must withstand assaults to their resolve and even their friendship if they are to stop the plot. Because failure might very well mean the end of Hannibus as they know it.


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