Introducing My Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (Take 2)

Hi guys!

Last week I did a post introducing my publisher, Morgan James Publishing, and saying a few things about them. I called it ‘Take 1’. This week, I’m doing another post about my publisher that I’m calling ‘Take 2’. It’s the official (and probably final) take, haha! Here goes:

***Official Take***

Morgan James Publishing was founded in 2003 by David L. Hancock, a mortgage banker at the time, who had written a book and been less than thrilled with the conventional book publishing process—yet pleasantly surprised by the immense power of publishing a book.

Created by an Entrepreneurial Author for Entrepreneurial Authors, Morgan James became the first hybrid publisher to blend the strength of traditional publishing with the flexibility of self-publishing.

“Morgan James makes an extraordinary effort to help its authors to grow their own business”
– Publisher’s Weekly’s Lynn Andriani and Jim Milliot.

David, with his bride, Susan, named the new company after their two children, daughter Morgan Renee and son Ethan James.

In just over fifteen short years, Morgan James Publishing has grown from publishing 6 books per year to publishing an average of 150 front list titles each year, with a backlist of over 2,000 titles.

Morgan James focuses on four book categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, Faith, and Kids.

Our vision is to publish titles that educate, encourage, inspire and entertain with current, consistent, relevant, titles available everywhere books are sold.

We even have something exciting we are working on called ‘Morgan James Complete’. Unlimited access to all of our books on any device. A subscription plan for only $10/mo. that includes our front list titles, many up to 3 months ahead of bookstores. It also includes our bestselling backlist titles. Let’s Read!

Morgan James Publishing is regularly ranked by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the fastest growing publishers in the nation. Morgan James ranked #44 on Fast Company’s Fast 50 for its significant accomplishments and impact on the industry over the last ten years.

For more information about my publisher, go here.


That’s it guys. Thank you for reading! I’m so excited to be working with the team at Morgan James Publishing. I can’t wait for the book to be finished and finally be in your hands. I’ll be sharing more details about the book in subsequent posts. If there’s anything specific you want to know, drop me a line in the comment section below. If not, still drop me a line even if it’s to say hello. I’d love to hear from you.


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