Introducing My Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (Take 1)

Hi guys! So, in my last post I dropped a bomb on y’all, telling you that I landed a publishing deal a couple of months ago. In another post, I’m going to tell you HOW I landed this deal and my journey to this point. In this post, I’m introducing my publisher.

*drum roll*




Yeah, you probably already figured that out from the title. Ha! Morgan James Publishing is a tier one Independent New York based publisher with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. They have a couple of New York Times Best Sellers on their belt, which I think is really cool, seeing how I want to be a NYT Bestselling author and with this first book!

Morgan James Publishing is a traditional publisher, so no vanity press and whatnot. They were recently ranked by Publishers Weekly as one of the fastest growing independent publisher in the U.S.

Okay. That’s my brief unofficial overview on Morgan James. Nice, huh? That’s what I thought.

The deal I signed with Morgan James Publishing is great. Better than average, in fact. I’m super excited about being a Morgan James author and can’t wait for my YA book to be published. I don’t have a final date, yet, but I do have a meeting in two weeks with the team. We’re supposed to talk about final release dates, timeline and a host of other important things. As soon as I have more information, I’ll let you know.

Fingers crossed.