Wrath of Elijah Book Review by Nadine C. Keels

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The Blood Moons: Wrath of Elijah by Kachi Ugo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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“I am Angelus Mikhail, servant of Elohim. Your life has been weighed with the Scales of Yeshua and you have been found worthy of the Wrath of Elijah. Follow me.”

Growing up in the slums of Ajegunle, twelve-year-old Johnny Akinwale has always been feverish on a frequent basis. Johnny’s doctors were never aware that his fevers are the effects of an ancient power he possesses as a descendant of the biblical prophet Elijah. Once Johnny learns of his power and true ancestry, he’s pulled into a mission with other young warriors to thwart an evil scheme of epic destruction in The Blood Moons: Wrath of Elijah by author Kachi Ugo.

While this is a middle grade fantasy with juvenile readability, I was very much drawn to this tale and remained engrossed as I read.

There’s a richness and balance to the story: a boy who finds it hard not to hate his impoverished life and his neglectful parents, even as he knows he’s destined for greatness. Coming into his supernatural power doesn’t release him of all natural rules, such as his having to get to school on time. And even with its dangerous, high-stakes adventure, the story makes room for humor that had me laughing out loud.

The illustrations toward the beginning of the book are a nice bonus! It would’ve been great if they’d continued throughout the story.

I found the development to be a tad awkward in places, particularly in an instance where foreshadowing might have helped. There are several grammar and technical errors in the book, along with one word choice I wouldn’t deem appropriate for a children’s book. However, my main disappointment was in finding that the story essentially ends with a cliffhanger. Even if the first book in a series may not tie up the loose ends of a subplot or two, I prefer a book to have a complete story where the main plot is resolved by the end.

I’d like to continue this series—but not because the cliffhanger left me hanging. I’m truly interested to know what will happen with Johnny and the other young Descendants of the Patriarchs.

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