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Sarah Justice is many good things, including a descent Earth Elemental, a wonderful partner to her man, and a new mother. However, when an extremely powerful Dualist from the future—a man able to wield the magic of two of the Elements—abducts her newborn, she is turned into a cold blooded killer. In a bid to rescue her child, she sparks a rebellion, birthing an organization of young, skilled Elementals, who are immediately branded terrorists, and blithely transgressing every Law known to her kind. And the powers that be—the Global Elemental Authority and its ruthless leader, Commander Thorn, who is infamous for being remarkably vile to offenders—are not in the slightest forgiving. But there are bigger occult entities at play. Sarah may soon realize that her resolve is not enough. Notwithstanding, she has vowed to recover her child, heedless of where it takes her: to death or to victory.



This is a captivating read and difficult to put this book down. Kachi has a very pleasant writing style and the story develops beautifully following a great pace, which is important to me. This is definitely a great start to a new series I will keep reading.

Sarah develops throughout the story to a very strong heroine. I struggled a little bit with her since she on one hand does anything to get her son back, regardless on how many will die, but also fights a greater organization with many flaws. So I am definitely looking forward to hear more about her […]

– Ramona Plant (GOODREADS)

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