Attack of the Sea Monster (#1, The Mewraters Series) – An Introductory Post

Ah… The much awaited post.

Okay, so I’ll get right to it.

My upcoming book is titled Attack of the Sea Monster. It is the first book in a series titled Mewranters.

It is a coming-of-age Upper Middle Grade Fantasy tale about 12 year old Perry Johnson, the main protagonist, who must rise to the fullness of his power and battle the Sea Monster, who is terrorizing the East River. (I’ll be posting a fuller description soon).

Mewranters is a name I came up with for the set of people among us who possess the ability to change into three different forms: an Aerial form, a Terrestrial form, and an Aquatic form. Their original Charter is to defend the world against Nature’s evil personality at these three frontiers. They exist all around the world, defending the world against monstrosities conjured by “Evil Nature”. Of course, there are those that abuse their powers as we’ll see in the book. (More on these later).

The book releases in June; maybe earlier; I’ll know as soon as the manuscript is back from my editor. The cover is ninety percent done, and everything is looking good.

Though written for Middle Graders and Young Adults, Attack of the Sea Monster can be enjoyed by everyone.

More coming soon.

By the way, have you read The Great Hunt?


If yes, kindly leave a review at your favorite retailer. If not, you can get your copy at these retailers: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks, and Scribd



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