Upcoming Books

Hi there!

Yeah, I’m posting an update after a long time. I’m sorry for the unplanned (or rather, forced) Hiatus, but I’m back and I have exciting news!

First of all I’d like to thank all my readers that contributed in ensuring the successful launch of The Great Hunt. As many of you know, it became a Kindle Bestseller for the duration of its Giveaway period. And so I am glad to announce that Kachi Ugo (yours faithfully, lol) is now a Kindle Bestselling Author.

You might say, “but you didn’t make any money while it was free!” Maybe I didn’t. But I did break into the top ten in Amazon.com and UK, and the top twenty in many other markets. Who knows? Maybe the next book would hit the top ten paid. Baby steps.

Congratulations to me for becoming a Bestselling Author!

On to other things…

So, I graduated Pharmacy School earlier this year. I’m stoked about it! I finally get to practice pharmacy here in Nigeria. Also, I finally get to help save lives. It’s a dream come true. Watch out for my About Page. I guess a major overhaul is in order. Two major information to be included is my new status as a Kindle Bestselling Author and a Pharmacist. Yay!

Congratulations to me for joining the healthcare team!

And the information you’ve all been waiting for…

What’s up this year?

I’m super excited about this year, because I’m going to be publishing a lot of fun and crazy exciting books.

I’m currently in the final stages of getting Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster ready to be published on Kindle. I’m also considering publishing on Createspace so the book can be available as a paperback. My subsequent posts would be about this upcoming book, and they’ll be geared towards creating a buzz for the book. Will you help me?

After Attack of the Sea Monster, I’ll be publishing Kristos: The Rising, Wrath of Elijah (a Children’s book), and the Sequel to The Great Meld. I also hope to write and publish the final part of Biohazard.

Well, guys, suffice it to say that I’ve got a lot of work to do and I intend on doing it. Thanks for your support all this time. I appreciate it. Don’t forget to like, tweet, or share this post.

For those who haven’t read The Great Hunt, it’s available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble, Kobobooks, Scribd, and many other online retailers. It’s only $2.99.


You can also buy for your friends and loved ones. It’s a super exciting read!


Kachi Ugo (aka KU)
Kindle Bestselling Author

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