The Uprising (An Elemental Fantasy) – An Introduction

Hello, fans and friends! Before I begin, first things first. Happy 2016! It’s a year of HIGHER THRESHOLDS!

Okay, so for the past four days, I’ve been serializing a story somewhere on the Internet. Because I like the way my main protagonist, Sarah Justice, is turning out, I’ve decided to publish the story on my blog, Twitter, and here on Facebook.

I’ll post the first part in a few… But before then, a little introducing.

An Elemental Fantasy

Kachi Ugo
Kindle Best Selling Author


Copyright 2016
All rights reserved.

Still roaring atop her voice, feeling every anger she had felt since the incidence course through her bones, Sarah Justice said, “And now we will release the Time Traveler and we will get justice!”

“YEAH!” roared the crowd in response.
Sarah threw her hands in the direction of the fortress. “To death or to victory!”

The crowd responded with equal zeal: “TO DEATH OR TO VICTORY!!”

A huge wind blew into existence and scrapped away the roof of the barn, revealing the glittering sky. Immediately, hundreds of Air Elementals launched into the air under spiraling tufts of wind. Like surfers at sea, surf boards made from the earth formed under Earth Elementals, which shot forward, carrying them along.

Fire Elementals and Water Elementals joined their brethren in the air and on the earthy surfboards. The rest entered vehicles that were packed out back and raced after their comrades.

Everyone headed in the direction of the fortress: to death or to victory.

Of course, it goes without saying that I’m writing this story from scratch. So, forgive any error of any form, and do let me know about them. And follow my blog if you’re not already following. Let’s do this together because we make a great team!



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