The Uprising (An Elemental Fantasy) – Part Two

© 2016
By Kachi Ugo

All rights reserved.

The Attack

Exactly twenty minutes after they had set out for the fortress, the formidable structure rose out of the horizon. It was a massive structure that challenged, defiled, and then defied scale. It sat sprawling over acres of the barren desert. It looked like a castle out of the early fourteenth century with huge towers here and there connected by suspended stone walkways. The whole structure sat on a roundish base that could have been the border of a small city. Around the fortress was a tall see-through wrought iron fence with flood lights pointing in and out.

The grounds within and surrounding the fortress were rife with powerful looking Elementals. Her SUV was still far from the fortress, but Sarah could make out the different colors of the different Elemental magic on the uniforms of the patrol men. She couldn’t see that far, but if she could, she would no doubt have seen the no nonsense look the men carried on their faces.

Even beyond the grounds, along each walkway and through the large windows into the passageway of the central massive roundish tower-like structure, there were Elementals, pacing, looking, searching, scrutinizing … guarding.

Few moments after they had departed the barn, Sarah had given the order for the advancing army to remain quiet. She planned for them to stealthily advance on their target. She wanted them to get as close as they could before they were spotted. It would give them the element of surprise, which could be the difference between hundreds of deaths or just tens.

In the quiet and AC cooled compartment of the SUV, Sarah felt her thighs vibrate. She pulled out her phone and looked at the caller ID. It read: Babe.

“Hello, Daniel,” she said into the phone.

Daniel Tobi’s voice was devoid of emotions, and he went straight to the point. “Call of the attack, now.”

Sarah feigned surprise. “What attack?”

Daniel refrained from responding for a few moments. Then, he said, “Evidence has been found that suggests you intend to attack a GEA fortress in Sahara Desert. Call of the attack now, or you and your people will be slaughtered like pigs.”

“The GEA will kill innocent Elementals?” Sarah asked, filtering a tint of surprise into her voice. However, her mind was already racing. Daniel’s confession had brought to light several issues.

If this was in fact a GEA fortress, then when she attacked, she would become persona non grata number one. They’d hunt her down like a criminal, try her before the Quad Panel, and then execute her without scruple. Then there was the issue of their planned surprise attack. If the GEA already suspected an imminent attack, then they’d have informed the fortress. Sarah and her army would be walking right into a trap.

Then there was the issue of the fortress being a GEA installation again. It meant the guards weren’t just knockoff Elementals. They were highly trained Elemental combatants. And from the looks of it, there were more than a hundred of them present at the facility.

Sarah realized with a twinge of fear that her army stood no chance against the GEA forces in the fortress.

“Sarah? Are you still there?” Daniel called.

“I am,” she replied.

“Those aren’t mercenaries in the desert, babe,” Daniel said in a soft voice—a voice he and she knew provoked sensual emotions in her. “They’ve been trained in the art of Elemental warfare. They can do things with their magic that you can’t imagine. If you attack the base, you’re dead.”

Sarah didn’t reply. Anger was already roiling in the pit of her belly.

“He’s as much my son as he is yours,” Daniel continued. “Come home. Come back to me and let’s work through proper channels. Please…”

“Proper channels?” Sarah replied in a steely low voice. She squeezed the phone so hard its back panel broke off. It was all she could do to keep from yelling at the love of her life.

Seconds later, her anger got the best of her. She yelled into her phone: “Not only have you failed me, Daniel, you have also failed our child! You. Are. Worthless. You know that, right? Don’t call me again. You don’t care about our boy. You only care about your command. Cruel bastard!”

Immediately she said that, she felt an intense feeling of regret wash over her, which further enraged her. She cut the call and threw the phone to her side. She looked at her driver through the rearview mirror. His eyes were fixed on driving; he neither responded to her nor showed any sign that he had heard her conversation with Daniel.

Good, Sarah thought.

The advancing army—the flyers, the surfers, and the riders—had formed into a diamond formation, with her SUV and that of the Seven Strong Men at the center. Though she had seen the fortress from afar off, they were now heading towards the last sand ridge after which the fortress would be laid bare before them. Then, they would be easily spotted by the GEA forces, who were probably already waiting for them.

Sarah realized she had a choice to make. There was no way to take the fortress like she had planned. There was no way they could defeat the security surrounding the installment. Unless she sacrificed her whole army just to get in and sneak the Time Traveler out. But then, she’d be condemning more than a thousand teenagers and young men and women to terrible fates.

“Ma’am,” Ali’s voice came over the inter-SUV intercom. “We are nearing the last sand dune. We are awaiting the order to commence the attack…” Ali was the most senior member of the Seven Strong Men, the one who had opened the door of her SUV earlier. He was also her most trusted confidante and a fire Elemental.

Sarah didn’t waste a second coming to her decision. It didn’t matter how many people died. The whole world could fall into a bottomless pit of darkness and doom for all she cared. Nothing would stop her from getting back her baby.

To death or to victory.

Knowing that her word would seal the fate of her ardent followers to death, Sarah gave the word without any twinge of guilt or needful remorse.


Sarah Justice’s command came just as they surmounted the final sand dune that separated them from the fortress. Immediately, huge balls of fire the size of SUVs erupted from the hands of Fire Starters (aka Fire Elementals), and they volleyed it in the direction of the fortress. In seconds, the air was alive with hundreds of massive balls of liquid, dripping flame arcing towards the GEA facility and its company of combatants.

Still racing towards the metal fence, Sarah leaned forward and looked through the windscreen at the rain of fire, which had reached the height of its ascent and was starting to descend upon the fortress. She realized that these were the opening salvos of a long, hard war.

While the initial barrage was still enroute, Earth Elementals began their attack. They moved their hands, and instantly huge boulders of rock rolled out from the sand into the air, leaping after the fire balls. They weren’t as large as the fire balls and some of the boulders couldn’t stand the force of the wind and collapsed back into sand. However, Sarah was impressed by the Earth Elementals with her. This was because she knew it was one of the most difficult things in the world to form a hard rock from dry desert sand.

The time between when Sarah gave the order to commence the attack and when the Earth Elementals launched their volley of rocks was barely up to twenty seconds. In that time, two things happened.

One, they covered a substantial distance to the fortress, such that it became clear that the largest tower in the center was the prison while the surrounding connected towers were ancillary.

Two, the GEA had responded in less than half the time. From all over the facility, GEA Air forces launched into the air above the fortress. Working in concert, these Elementals formed a massive wall of turbulent wind that looked to be several inches thick. This wall then rushed forward to meet the waves of fires and rocks.

In the blink of an eye, most of the fires were put out and most of the rocks were deflected. The remaining that made it through were squashed by GEA air Elementals before they could near the fortress.

Sarah then realized with palpable apprehension that they might not even make it to the front door.

For a moment, there was an absolute silence. Though she was secure in her SUV, she could hear the sound of silence. Then, a war cry leapt from the lips of one of hers. This caused a response from all of her army. Spurred by the deathly frenzy, Sarah’s army increased their speed as they closed the final distance before they met headlong with the GEA forces.

Like the spark before a terrible explosion, the whole area exploded with floods and balls of fire, rocks and sand storms, and tornadoes and powerful air blasts. Screams of pain immediately followed as people were incinerated or swept away by wind or crushed by huge boulders. Sarah was relieved to know that the screams weren’t all young and high pitched, but deep and gnarly, meaning there were losses on both sides.

Sarah had quit focusing on the raging battle around her. As far as she was concerned, it was a distraction to cover her ingress into the fortress. Rather, her eyes lay fixed on the metal fence ahead and the main blast doors of the central tower, which was shut tight. Most of the fortress’s defenses were engaging her forces which had now swarmed the area. No one would have time to intercept her before she got to the doors.

The SUVs of the Seven Strong Men hadn’t peeled away from hers to join the fight around them. And as they drove forward, there was a mix of at least hundred Elementals who kept their SUVs from being attacked.

As they approached the fence, Sarah stretched her hands towards the metal gate. She concentrated and unleashed her magic. The ground under the fence visibly trembled like a ripple moving across the surface of a river. Slowly, a large portion of the gate was sucked into the ground, clearing a path for them, and then the ground solidified again. Seconds later, they drove through and came to a halt before the main doors.

The moment they stopped, most of the GEA forces began to descend on their little party, but they were impeded by Sarah’s Elementals. Sarah opened the door and jumped out of her car. For one moment, she looked around. It was as if she had stepped into a war torn area. Much of the surrounding towers had been hit and destroyed. Littering the desert floor for a vast distance in every direction were burnt, crushed, and incinerated remains of both her people and the GEA’s. Vehicles lay around in burning or exploding heaps.

The calm desert landscape had turned into a picture of desolation and ruin.

And the battle was still raging around and in the air. Not for long, Sarah noted sadly. Her forces were fast dwindling. It wouldn’t be long now before the GEA Elemental combatants finished them off.

A while ago, the whole area had been dark and quiet. Now, it was as bright and loud as day, what with the fires everywhere, and the screams of men and explosions and sound of wind storms filling the air.

Sarah’s Seven Strong Men had already gathered around her. The only thing standing between her and the inside of the fortress were the huge, blast doors that were as wide as city gates. Sarah motioned for someone to break open the doors. Immediately, a huge rock the size of a small truck formed from the desert sand and shot for the doors.

The doors caved in with an enormous, sharp moan. The rock kept going, and the blast doors broke left and right from its trajectory, killing those that lay in wait to ambush them when they came through the door. There were about seven corpses lying scattered in the trail of the blast doors.

The rock came to a halt in the middle of a wide, bare lobby, dissolved back into desert sand, and then dispersed into the whole space with the force of tiny bullets.

Sarah glanced at Ken. The muscular, boxy faced Earth Elemental nodded at her.

“Good work,” she muttered. “Now, let’s get the Time Traveler and get out of here.”

She marched forward into the GEA fortress, her Seven Strong Men following close behind.

To Be Continued…


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The Uprising (An Elemental Fantasy) – Part 1

© 2016
By Kachi Ugo

All rights reserved.

The Gathering

The black Cadillac Escalade rolled into the dark compound of the large barn. When it came to a definite halt, several hooded men exited the front entryway of the barn and approached the SUV. They stopped short of the door and bowed in reverence, while one stepped forward and opened the door.

Once the door was open, he stepped back and together they chorused, “Welcome, Madame.”

Sarah Justice stepped into the cold night air. Unlike her fighters who wore colored hoodies over jean pants, she wore a regal blouse, black jeans, and boots that reached past her shin. Her thick dark hair hung loosely over her back, tousling with the wind.

Sarah looked past the men bowing before her to the huge barn. Through the high windows, she could see firelight, and through the open entryway, she could hear soft chants.

They had gathered.

“You may rise,” Sarah said to the men.
They obeyed her, but kept from making contact with her eyes. The one who had opened her door however looked her in the eyes and said, “Madame, we have gathered as you have called us. We await your instructions.”

Sarah merely nodded and walked past him. The men fell into place behind her and followed her into the barn.

The moment she set foot in the large cavernous room, the crowd that had gathered erupted in a resounding cheer. The riser was on the other side of the room, so Sarah marched purposely through the hailing crowd. She climbed the riser and waited for the men who had come out to meet her to climb the stage behind her.

They were her leaders. They were her Seven Strong Men.

Then, she raised her hand and a sudden calm presided over the barn.

Sarah started by scanning the faces looking back at her. They were mostly that of teenagers and young men and women. Determination and readiness to die for their cause shone on their faces like shining torches in the darkness.
Beyond that, they all wore hoodies of four distinct colors, which showed the magic they possessed. White for air, Golden for fire, Green for wood, and Black for earth. The torches here and there, which flickered in the soft wind coursing through the barn, gave light to the whole area.

There must have been over a thousand of them in the barn.

Sarah cleared her throat and said, “It’s been six months since he was stolen from me.” It had only been ten words, however, Sarah could feel grief choke her. She fought the tears that had not stop coming since that night. She failed, and for the next one minute, hot tears flowed unhindered from her eyes.
During this time, no one dared speak or move. It was how she had raised them: to fear her. It was how Sarah ruled them: with utter surety.

She wiped away her tears with her blouse and said with a surprising sneer, “We’ve been training. We’ve been recruiting. We’ve been preparing. But that time is over…”

Her face hardened, her voice took on a compassionless snarl, and her hands formed into hard fists. “Now, we are going to wage war!”

The crowd responded with a deafening scream. Following this was a harrowing chant. “WAR! WAR!! WAR!!!”

Sarah Justice raised a hand, and the crowd came to a definite silence with one word: “WAR!”

In the silence that followed, Sarah took her time to work through her thoughts. Six months, she had been devastated. Six months, she had not stopped looking for the man who had overpowered her and kidnapped her child. Six months…
She had searched the entire world. She had turned over every barren rock in every barren nook and cranny of the world, tracking down the man who had stolen her pride and joy. Her baby boy. With her power to shift and manipulate Earth, it hadn’t taken her too long.

She had turned up empty.

She would naturally have given up at this point. But then, she had gotten wind of a rare ability amongst her kind. The ability to open portals through the very fabric of time and space. She realized that the man who had stolen her baby could have come from another time.

Like she had come to believe, when you eliminate the possible, the impossible becomes possible. If her son was nowhere on the Earth—at least, not in this time—then it stood to reason that he had been abducted into another time. She guessed it was the future, since no one in the past would know of his existence.

So, diligently, Sarah Justice located one who possessed the power to tear a hole in the fabric of time. The only problem was, he was imprisoned in a fortress not too far from their present location. A heavily fortified fortress.

Knowing she couldn’t just ask nicely and the Time Traveler—as they had come to call this special one—would be released to them, she decided from the start that she would have to take him by force.
Already, she had been amassing a following of eager and powerful Elementals who were willing to fight till death for ideals she had help craft. Now, over one thousand of them had heeded her call. They knew what the mission was. They knew it would end in the deaths of many of them. Yet, they were here. And not grudgingly, but zestfully, full of life and awaiting her order.

There had not been an Elemental war in hundreds of years—the GEA (Global Elemental Authority) had seen to that, keeping the peace and enforcing Elemental laws. But she was about to start one.

She would burn the whole world if it was what it took to get her child back.
Sarah started speaking again, this time softly. “You know, when this happened, I went to the GEA. They did nothing. I went crying. I went begging. But they dismissed my claims as spurious. So, I took matters in my hands.”

Sarah got some nods and a few acquiescence in the way of murmurs from the crowd.

She continued, “When I realized how utterly helpless the GEA was, I decided to cry for help. And when I did, you came!”

This time, the crowd went wild.
Amidst the raucous, Sarah jammed her fists into the air and roared, “YOU CAME!”

The yells immediately heightened, forming into a frenzy. Even behind her, the Seven Strong Men were screaming her on.

Still roaring atop her voice, feeling every anger she had felt since the incidence course through her bones, Sarah Justice said, “And now we will release the Time Traveler and we will get justice!”

“YEAH!” roared the crowd in response.
Sarah threw her hands in the direction of the fortress. “To death or to victory!”

The crowd responded with equal zeal: “TO DEATH OR TO VICTORY!!”

A huge wind blew into existence and scrapped away the roof of the barn, revealing the glittering sky. Immediately, hundreds of Air Elementals launched into the air under spiraling tufts of wind. Like surfers at sea, surf boards made from the earth formed under Earth Elementals, which shot forward, carrying them along.

Fire Elementals and Water Elementals joined their brethren in the air and on the earthy surfboards. The rest entered vehicles that were packed out back and raced after their comrades.

Everyone headed in the direction of the fortress: to death or to victory.
Sarah Justice returned to her waiting vehicle. Once she was safe inside, the vehicle leapt forward and followed after the advancing army. Her Seven Strong Men entered SUVs of their own and followed her, forming a cocoon around her vehicle with theirs.

Sarah let her mind rest. She let go of her anger, and let her Earth powers fill her senses. She took in a deep breath. Pure, undiluted power rushed through her being, unhindered. Now, there was only one thought on her mind.


To Be Continued…


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The Uprising (An Elemental Fantasy) – Prologue

© 2016
By Kachi Ugo

All rights reserved.


The dark clouds churned as rogue swirls of wind ravaged the huge city. Scraps of paper, grains of sand, and every other thing that wasn’t tightly secured hazed the air, reducing visibility to a few feet. The heavens were alive with sharp, brief sparks of thunder, every moment threatening a full explosion. People scampered for covering, knowing that very soon the grey clouds which were pregnant with water would unleash a storm on their heads. The police men who should have been patrolling Hoover Street were not exempt from this hurried motions as they sought cover a good distance from their post. And in their bid to escape a beating from the sky, they missed the hooded figure that moved fluidly in the direction of a modest two story residence. One that their commanding officer had instructed them to keep undisturbed for the next twenty four hours.

The figure waved his hand at the gate, revealing soft looking olive skin. The gate cracked open. Without breaking a stride, the figure flowed in a heavy black cloak towards the front door, pausing to glance at the building. It was dark except for the light bulb on upstairs. The figure waved his hand as before – – a soft click responded – – and the door swung in of its own accord, admitting the stranger. The figure marched straight ahead for the stairs, not looking left or right. When he turned into the passageway, he saw her.

“You can’t take him away!” she muttered, her face ruined by a mix of tears and makeup. She had a long and sharp kitchen knife in a strong grip, and she stood in a defensive stance before the entrance into the bedroom. Some light from the room fell on the passageway, allowing the tall, hooded figure to scrutinize his adversary. She wore a golden blouse embossed in white with the word: Earth. Her black pants was peppered with clumps of wet sand. Her feet were bare, tingling with powerful magic. One that crammed into the small passageway, so strong that the figure swayed under its overbearing weight. Her eyes, though teary, gave no indication that she wouldn’t go super Nova with her knife and magic if he neared her.

He took a tentative step forward and said, “My name is…”

‘I don’t care who you are,”she snarled, eyeing him with a hateful look.

“But you care why I have come…”

The woman drew a blank.

“You know you can’t stop me,” he continued, pulling on his inner power and letting it stir in the space. The woman felt it too, responding with a slight flinch as his power stroked hers. “You swore an oath. I have been sent to collect.”

For a moment, uncertainty flickered in her eyes. Her grip on the knife softened. Her magic withdrew from the room. But it was only for a moment. “I can’t let you have him!’ she shrieked, gripping her blade tightly, and pushing her Earthy magic against his Woody magic.

“Stop this nonsense Sarah!” the man warned, bracing himself against her power. He also strengthened his secondary power in the hallway. Not too much to threaten her, but sufficient to respond to an attack effectively. His primary power had created the dark clouds and whirl wind outside. “You can’t stop me,” he repeated, and as if to buttress that point, he lifted his left hand and a huge bolt of lightning formed in the clouds and drove down into the lawn with a loud thunder.

Then it began to rain. She made to say something, but instead charged him whipping up the clumps of sand from her pants with the wave of a hand. They shot at him like tiny projectiles, tiny and powerful enough to punch a hole through his heart. The man jumped out of their path. His hands shoved into his cloak and withdrew a small dagger just in time to parry Sarah’s strike. He shoved a palm up her chest, stopping a full inch short of her body. Where his hand stopped, a powerful blast of wind continued, sending her body flying across the hallway and smashing into the ceiling. She fell to the floorboards, concussed. Her Earthy magic remained aloft in the air for a few more seconds before it vanished as she fell unconscious.

The figure straightened his dress, stowed away his blade and walked to the door, stepping over the woman’s limp form. The bedroom was every bit a child’s bedroom, complete with a brightly colored wall, stickers of famous cartoon characters, and a hanging miniaturized solar system. At the center of the room was a pram. In the pram struggled a sleeping baby with his sheets. The figure pulled the baby free and examined the creature who would fifty years from now destroy the whole world with black magic. He pressed the baby against his chest and walked back down the stairs without a second glance to the mother of the child. He locked the door and gate behind him and started down the street, the darkness and heavy rain shielding his retreat. His cloak provided adequate shelter for the baby boy, though he exercised enough power over his magicked storm so that not a drop of rain touched his cloak. When he got to his entry point down the street, the rain stopped.

“Did she put up a fight?” his partner asked as he approached him. Loas was a short, sharp man with a heavy build and a no nonsense face. He nodded at the baby in his hand.


“So, did you kill her?”


The clouds were still dark, nonetheless, he caught the frown on Loas’s face. “She didn’t put up a strong fight,” he explained. “Perhaps, killing one innocent soul” – – he gestured to the baby in his hands – – “is enough for one night.”

Loas spat a string of curses at the baby. “That thing it not innocent!” he grimaced.

The figure sighed. “It’s still a baby, Loas. It’s done no evil or good.”

“Well too bad it would never get to commit anything at all,” said Loas.

“Yes, too bad…,” the figure agreed. The baby’s fate was sealed once they got to their destination.

“What if she comes after us, Nnamdi?” Loas asked. Before his patner could reply, he stretched his hands far apart and brought them together in a loud clap. A stream of light erupted from the point of impact, coalescing into a giant paper thin screen in front of the two. Through the screen they could see into their world, or more correctly, their Time–AD 2070. They could see the bland white wall of their staging area.

“She’ll never find us,” replied Nnamdi as he reeled in his power over the weather. In an instant, the dark clouds disappeared and the Sun flooded the whole world with light.  “Because she will never know where we came from. And more correctly, she will never know WHEN we came from.”

Loas nodded and led him through the portal, closing it once they were on the other side.


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The Uprising (An Elemental Fantasy) – An Introduction

Hello, fans and friends! Before I begin, first things first. Happy 2016! It’s a year of HIGHER THRESHOLDS!

Okay, so for the past four days, I’ve been serializing a story somewhere on the Internet. Because I like the way my main protagonist, Sarah Justice, is turning out, I’ve decided to publish the story on my blog, Twitter, and here on Facebook.

I’ll post the first part in a few… But before then, a little introducing.

An Elemental Fantasy

Kachi Ugo
Kindle Best Selling Author


Copyright 2016
All rights reserved.

Still roaring atop her voice, feeling every anger she had felt since the incidence course through her bones, Sarah Justice said, “And now we will release the Time Traveler and we will get justice!”

“YEAH!” roared the crowd in response.
Sarah threw her hands in the direction of the fortress. “To death or to victory!”

The crowd responded with equal zeal: “TO DEATH OR TO VICTORY!!”

A huge wind blew into existence and scrapped away the roof of the barn, revealing the glittering sky. Immediately, hundreds of Air Elementals launched into the air under spiraling tufts of wind. Like surfers at sea, surf boards made from the earth formed under Earth Elementals, which shot forward, carrying them along.

Fire Elementals and Water Elementals joined their brethren in the air and on the earthy surfboards. The rest entered vehicles that were packed out back and raced after their comrades.

Everyone headed in the direction of the fortress: to death or to victory.

Of course, it goes without saying that I’m writing this story from scratch. So, forgive any error of any form, and do let me know about them. And follow my blog if you’re not already following. Let’s do this together because we make a great team!