The pile looked like a garbage dump. It had a wide circumference such that it supported a great height. There must have been over a hundred rotten bodies; bodies that were beyond recognition as being human. The skins were dark black, and areas that were exposed had a disgusting orange rather than the red that meant blood, as well as the occasional patches of white and green that meant mold and algae. Some had parts of their bodies chewed off by the hounds, others were missing hands and heads, but all hung from one another, forming a column that rose to the dark clouds, a pillar of great injustice, of purposeless death, and meaninglessness of humanity without dignity…

In the days that followed the court-martial, the nightmares came more vivid and more forceful. The pain of his sufferings rose high like the waves at the beach, only it did not subside, but rather it rose even higher on the next wave. And in his pain, he saw no light, no hope, he saw no redemption, though he sought it carefully with tears. What would become of him? Where was the devil, the apotheosis of nemesis? Where was God, the symbol of righteous judgment, for if any man had incurred the wrath of the most high, it was him: James O’Riley. Death was too easy; he deserved more…

A glint of recognition fleeted across its eyes, but then the savage beast returned with startling violence. It lurched at him from its position on the car with blinding speed. Ken reared on instinct. His legs caught on each other and he tripped, his gun flying out of his grip. The creature landed on the spot he had been a second ago, but before he leapt again, someone fired a shot. The slug smashed into Gerald’s skull, splattering brains all over the asphalt. The creature remained standing, its one remaining eye wide open in shock. Then it turned to face Mr. Ajayi as if it had only been hit by a fly. Half of its head was gone, still it began to walk towards Mr. Ajayi. After three steps, it broke into a run…


They’ve found a cure, but can they get the cure to the infected before the infected become the damned?

…a trial has beset them: A trial by fire.

 Available everywhere this June 12!

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