To Hunt A Level Four – Part 3

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To Hunt a Level Four – Part 3

Femi exhaled softly and slid his hand to the door knob. The moment his fingers touched the cold metal, there was a great sound like a giant bell.

Femi froze.

A strong force like an explosion knocked him off his feet and sent him flying out of the corridor. He soared through the air and crashed into the road. A yelp of pain escaped his mouth the moment he struck the porthole-ridden road.
For a moment, Femi hovered on the brink of unconsciousness. What had happened? A dark mist clung to him and veiled his surroundings. The moon seemed to have hidden behind a cloud.
Femi heard footfalls approach him. He craned his neck and saw a tall figure from whom the dark mist proceeded. It was a creature of immense evil and power. Draped in black tattered drabs, it ambled towards him, slow, deliberate, its every movement a taunt, a jeer, a torture to Femi’s soul. This figure was cloaked by a mysterious darkness which Femi could not fathom.
Panic stabbed at his heart. There was no way this was a level one witch.
Femi looked around for his sword and found it not. His breathing became erratic, and his heartbeat at that moment would have differed not from a patient’s, who was in cardiac arrest. Femi would have cried out for help, but it was no use because they were in the spirit; even if an armed person passed by this moment, he would see nothing, and he would hear nothing.
Death was a merciless thing. Especially death that was sure. And Femi knew that as sure as the sun would rise again in the morning, he was going to die at the hands of this malevolent creature. As the presence of the dark being neared, Femi remembered a phrase and chuckled. The one that killed by the sword, would die by the sword. He had killed witches, he was about to die by a witch’s hands.

The creature in the dark towered over him and let loose a horrendous shrill scream. Incomprehensible dread fell upon Femi.

The creature pulled back its leg and plowed it into Femi’s side. Femi was airborne—and crashed into the ground with a scream. His heart hammered so hard that his whole body vibrated. Femi scrambled to his feet and backpedaled as the creature approached. Not much could be seen through its cloak of dark mist, however, Femi could make out a bony structure much like a man’s, with flaming sockets seeded into its misshape head.

Whatever this creature was, only level four witches’ could spawn it into existence. The thought further unsettled Femi.

Femi fished out his scriptures and his faith with terribly trembling fingers and found the armory in Ephesians. Now that he had been without his sword for up to a minute, he could summon it again. He highlighted the appropriate portion and returned the sacred objects back into his jacket.

“I believe, I receive!” he yelled, his hands clasped palm against palm in his front. The white glowing blade materialized before him. But before he could bring the weapon to bear on the creature it had gotten to him. So close that Femi could perceive the burning coal from the creature’s body, on which body Femi caught an unmistakable symbol and froze. It was a symbol he had never thought he would see in his life again—that of a cross embedded in the side of a crescent.

The creature struck his face and sent him airborne, again. Femi tumbled through the air at missile speed, senseless for a while. When he crashed into the earth, his body was assaulted by inhuman pain. Femi yelped yet this seemed to worsen the pain. However, what was worst of was the creature that still approached him. As Femi struggled to remain conscious, flashes of painful imageries from his past forced themselves through his mind. That symbol. His mother’s death. The thing that had killed her had had that symbol on its body.

The creature was standing over him now, and Femi’s anger raged. He had searched for the monster who had killed his mother. His handler had told him that creatures like that weren’t easy to find. They only came out of the darkness, when there was a major evil plot brewing. And so, even if he combed the whole earth, he wouldn’t find the creature that killed his mother. But now, that creature stood above him.

Femi sprung to his feet and threw his hand at the creature’s neck for a grab. The creature swatted his hands off course and instead grabbed his neck in a choke hold. Femi struggled, striking the slippery arm of the creature over and over again, but the creature’s grip was firm. It threw him to the ground.

“Finish that hunter off, so we can go to Enugu. It’s no longer safe around these parts,” said a shrill old voice somewhere in the distance.

“Hmmm,” responded the creature.

Femi bit his lips. The dark mist had thickened, threatening to suffocate him. An idea came to his mind. Femi scrambled backwards, putting some space between him and the monster, then he brought out his scriptures and laid it bare before him. He brought out his faith and swiped the pages of the book until it fell on the book of John. He highlighted the portion that said: and the light shinneth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

The creature stood above Femi, its right hand raised to strike.

The green glowed on the highlighted portion.

The creature roared and the flames in its eyes intensified. Claws sprouted out of its fingers.

“I believe, I receive,” Femi yelled, and then he added, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

Light exploded from the scriptures with the force of a whirl wind. The darkness flushed backwards and the creature was pushed several feet away. The creature roared and pushed back the light. It opened wide its mouth and like a flood, greater darkness rushed out into the world and overwhelmed the light. The light receded, weak. The creature pushed harder, its hands still poised to slay.

Femi knew the only reason why this was happening was because his faith was failing. He didn’t have a strong enough faith to fight this witch. Femi bellowed. “LET THERE BE LIGHT!” And struck that portion of the scriptures with his stone. The light exploded outwards with renewed vigor, sending the creature backwards a few feet. But it was only a few feet, because it began to push back.

Femi’s hands were weak. He couldn’t keep this up any longer.

“Leave him and let’s go. He’s living or dying is of no consequence to us or to our plan,” the shriveled old voice said again.

“Hmmm,” the creature said, turned, and vanished. The light, now unopposed, shot outwards, expunging the dark mist from the area. The night became as it was, when Femi had first walked down the street: silent and dead with no soul around.
The world became dizzy and Femi realized that his body was falling to the ground. He lay motionless for a second, his chest rising and falling, and then the world turned black.