The Vigilante: Curse of the Sword, Pre-Order Now (39% Off!!!)


Three–a princess, a killer, and a hobo–must cross the forest of Arduin, the river Lephretes, and the barren lands to reach the evil mountain. Their fellowship is more likely to fail than to succeed. If it fails, the kidnapped children will suffer a fate worse than death.

The Vigilante: Curse of the Sword

By Kachi Ugo

This book is now available for Pre-Order! Pre-Order now and get 39% off. Pre-Order period ends on the 5th of August. So, pre-order now!

Pre-Order at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords.

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Read an Excerpt: Here

Contact Me: Here

NOTE: The book will be available on Amazon and other online eBook retailers by the onsale date. But if you can’t wait till then, pre-order at Smashwords where you can download a format of the book that is compatible with your eReader.

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