The Great Meld: Now Available For Free!

The Great Meld

By Kachi Ugo

Great Meld Cover Art

Peter’s crashing life is disrupted when a wizard from Wizzio accosts him, bearing an apocalyptic warning. The Great Meld approaches and Earth will not survive. He hands Peter an ancient heirloom which is the only key to Earth’s survival. Peter must now journey across worlds to stop the Great Meld and prevent the extinction of mankind. But is he ready for what he’s about to face? Can he survive the murderous dark wizards who are hellbent on seeing humanity wiped out? Can he push on in the face of certain destruction, knowing that the world depends on him?

In The Great Meld, a fast-paced, end of days, contemporary fantasy thriller, the fate of the Earth has been thrust into the hands of a dying man. Every wrong decision he makes could mean sudden destruction for Earth.

Available for free at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Smashwords and other online retailers. Be sure to leave me a review when you download the book.

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